History Of This Company

Manta Elevators Technology Ltd is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of passenger lift, goods lift, bed lift, car lift, specialist in capsule lift and all types of auto door lift. We take this opportunity to introduce yourself as an engineering company where you can get Quality, Reliable Price and Service. We have a team of professionally and technically skilled person for all levels works with objective achieving customer satisfaction. Our motto is to provide Quality, Safety and Trouble free elevators.

Manta Elevator is such equipment that it performs with services provided to it. If there is no service then your elevator can not perform well. If somebody provides, best controller, excellent M/C and other all accessories are far superior but no service then everything is in vain. Manta Elevators’ goal has always been, and always will be, "maximum customer satisfaction".

The high standard of quality of our products, plus the efficiency of our technicians make the Manta Elevators’ one of the most efficient customer services in the industry. Manta Elevators’ is the new system that lets those trapped inside a lift telephone our service center directly. Hidden inside the car push button panel is a telephone dialer, activated by pressing one of the buttons. This is an effective system for all apartment blocks, houses and especially buildings which do not have a porter's office. Finally, the system is a remote control service that offers for special situations, such as airports, hospitals and large office buildings, where there are many lifts, and the possibility of monitoring them at a distance in real time allows means one can intervene immediately. The monitoring system includes a control panel that immediately indicates the type of problem, thus further cutting intervention times, as the service team knows exactly where to look.

Manta Power Tech was established in the year 2011 as a standby, captive and distributed power solution provider. MANTA is the only Electrical Engineering Company in Bangladesh which gives reliable customer support through sophisticated products and services from Ultra High Voltage of 400kV to low voltage of 440V. The combination of engineering expertise of our teams are versatile and is considered to be the best in the Power Sector.

It also a leading name in the diesel generator industry having a customer base of more than 270. At present the number of MPT installed generators is more than 500 (20 KVA to 1500 KVA). Its clientele comprises of industrial plants, real estates, hospitals, educational institutions, telecoms, supermarkets, corporate houses, NGOs, embassies and various government establishments.

Manta is one of the foremost and pioneering solar companies in Bangladesh with more than 10 years of experience of Solarizing Bangladesh. As a company we specialize as a systems integrator & installer of solar solutions, manufacturer of key solar components, and one-stop service provider for carbon project development. As of date Manta has so far installed more than 25 MWp of solar system in forms of Solar Home System (SHS), solar pumping solutions, telecom solutions, and on-grid roof-top solutions and decentralized solar community electrification projects etc.

MANTA Group is driven by engineers who are reputed in their fields. MANTA Group was established with a clear vision to be a significant entity in HV/MV/LV Sub-stations, Lifts, Generators & Solar solutions business in energy sector and beyond the boundary of Bangladesh. Through the enhanced quality, innovative applications and expertise, we position ourselves at the forefront of technology and competitiveness.

In general, MANTA Group deals with following business and services:
1.MANTA homes Ltd
2.Manta Elevators Technology Ltd
3.MANTA Manta Power Tech
4.MANTA industrial consultation
5.MANTA interior solution
6.MANTA Medical Equipment
7.Manta furniture