Welcome to Manta Elevators Technology Ltd.

Manta Elevators Technology Ltd(MELT) is a Vertical Transportation Engineering firm offering a wide range of services which include Design and Engineering, Technical Specifications for Elevator and Escalator in Bangladesh. We have been providing Elevator related services for more than 8 years in all over Dhaka Metropoliton City& also Chittagong and other district cities. Our company has been established in 2009 and with a very short time makes a good and promising reputation in Bangladesh. Now we have more than 100 hundred clients from all aspects. Like Govt., Bangladesh Army, BGB, Bangladesh police and many renowned builders and developers as well as personal projects. Manta Elevators Technology Ltd.is the authorised distributor of Modeun elevator co.Ltd,Korea and also we use to import some renowned European and China brand Lift,Escalator,Generator and Solar.We also provide Power Sub-station as per customer requirement.


Why Choose Manta Elevators Technology Ltd.

Now a day’s elevator is the most important product in a building, as well it is the most costly product, some said ‘Lift is the heart of the building, because it’s only moving thing in the building. Manta Elevetors Technology Ltd. realize the fact and decided to import world best quality lift and as put emphasis on after sales service. Manta Elevetors Technology Ltd. is proudly Exclusive agent of Korean Modeun elevator co.Ltd. in Bangladesh.

1) Korean Modeun Elevetor provides 100% made in Korean product with ensuring KS/JS/EN-81 (Korean, Japanese & European) standard safety and function.

2) Korean Modeun Elevetor provides country of origin certificate with each sets of lift. Also interested client to make PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection), So there is no doubt about the quality and product origin.

3) Korean lift is totally Electronics based; it provides the most advanced technology from the world. So one have complete vertical and horizontal lifting solution.

4) Modeun Elevator gearless PM motor ensure high quality also save 50% power than any other conventional type of elevator; which is also eco-friendly because of no lubricant oil use in motor.

5) In Bangladesh there is more than 12000 sets lift, over 8000 is Made in Korea or made company from Korea, So Korean brand suits in Bangladesh environment because as made in Korean lift is still satisfying more than 8000 clients.

6) Modeun Elevator yearly can produce more than 12000 sets of elevator, So production time is very short from other Korean manufacturer. So, we offer very short shipment and completion time to our valued customer.

7) Modeun Elevator never compromise with the quality and safety, they ensure the safety 100% so include the entire basic safety device with each sets of elevator. Also there is optional safety device available like ARD(Auto Rescue Device), ELD (Emergency Landing Device), Earth quick Emergency device, flood emergency device, Germ protected device, Fire Alarm, Fire protection Device etc.

8) Modeun Has R&D (Research & Development) department where they put emphasis to give the most easy and comfortable riding with world class design.

9) Modeun Elevator after appointing Authorised distributor in Bangladesh provide a six months training to our engineer for installation, Servicing, testing, maintenance and commissioning. So we really capable to give good quality service to our valued clients.

10) Modeun Elevator is a customized company;we can provide all kind of lift in any kind of shaft size with any kind of design. So, it’ meets customer requirements.

11)Modeun Elevator Exporting lift more than 70 countries throughoutthe world including, USA, Europe, Asia and some African countries.